Sunday, February 7, 2010

Refugee Camps In Senegal How Do I Know If This Woman In A Refugee Camp In Senegal Is Really A Scam?

How do i know if this woman in a refugee camp in senegal is really a scam? - refugee camps in senegal

The woman in Senegal refugee camp sent me phone numbers, e-mail addresses and photos. I do not know what a fraud Somone please help me understand more?


mia said...

no refugee camps in Senegal

she wants to talk to you to get a green card to get your identity

Let me guess it is a scam email, you ...

My darling,
Hello, how are you?. I think it is
well.thanks their interests and care about my current situation here in
senegal.God protect and reward you for the care of orphans and give you
again their gestures nice to me. I am 21 years old girl
live in refugee camps.
I send and receive messages at the office of the church here used to camp.
a newcomer to the school shortly before the death of my
Parents by the rebels, and since then my life is not what I am to be .. Use
appreciates your interest in helping me transfer my money to his
Position pending my arrival to work with you to begin a new life. Like I said
In my last letter, IAM currently living in the refugee camp here in Dakar
Senegal, after the death of myParents. I fasted and prayed
God, before he showed me that you are the right person to have to help me
horriable me to this place I found.
I'll also need an assistant, because I want to do with Africa,
entirly due to political instability.
Please call me today (Tuesday), possibly after the bank contacted
we can discuss my situation here in Senegal.
Things are very difficult here and all my hope is that you can help me
Transfer of 9.7 million dollarsdeposited by my late father Equatorial --
TRUST BANK PLC LONDON. In his position, allowing you to send money
For me, my travel documents ready to meet you.
I informed the bank about my plans to claim this money and
Everything that is what I said, to a foreign partner, the search continues in
My name is due to my refugee status.
In this context, I would immediately contact the bank
this information, they say
you are my foreign partner and you want to know the possibilities
help me transfer my 9.7 million U.S. dollars deposited by my late
Dr. Nanu doago father that the IAM family.
The bank is next

The official name of the transfer, Mr. Sylvester Owens
Phone + 0044-70-40-11-79-14 Fax +44-709-280-4174

When you contact the bank tell them you are my partner and foreign
He wants me my money into your account due to the transfer of my
Refugee here in Dakar, Senegal.
May God bless you, as I now await your call.
Miss Clara.

Marie900... said...

It is a fraud. These types of messages will always be fraud. The sender is not a woman, not a refugee camp. Ask yourself - if he was indeed in a refugee camp, as is access to the Internet? Please search the Internet fraud on sites like "Scamwarners learn" to identify fraud, how to protect these scams and how to get it. May it now has money, but it is the fees payable to greet him, etc. No money - it's a trick to get the payment of charges for calls.

Kittysue said...

This is a typical Nigerian 419 scam. Do not fall on them. Just Google "Senegal refugee camp," and you'll find thousands of visits in connection with fraud.

Read on fraud related to the refugee camps in Senegal.

Just think of when it access to 9.7 billion U.S. dollars, do not necessarily help. This money is enough to support all the refugee camps across the continent for a few months.

George L said...

It is a fraud. had a number of people here and in the immigration of the same question for several weeks, so that about to happen, of course. To plunder seeking access to foreign bank accounts and steal private information to obtain identities. Every time someone writes you out of nowhere, offering millions of dollars to share with you is an illusion, and nothing more.

றaறour ø♥ø said...

Why in the world and has given each of several million dollars? Does it make sense to you? Right?
biggest fraud on foot, typing in the search for questions like yours? You will see that many have asked the same question.

Ignore this person and forget their e-mail ...

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